ImageShack Uploader 2.2.0

ImageShack (Freeware)

ImageShack Uploader is a standalone program developed to complement the ImageShack media hosting website. This program is developed and released by ImageShack on December 2009. ImageShack Uploader enables users to upload image files to their ImageShack online accounts. These photos and images will then be hosted and published on the said imagehosting site.

The ImageShack Uploader user interface features a gray windowed display. The menu bar only gives two options—File and Help. Below the menu bar, the program requires the user to log into their online ImageShack account by providing the Login Name or Email address, and their password. Users may choose to save the password for the account. The Login button is located on the far right. The View pane on the left side of the interface shows the image files to be uploaded. The file name and corresponding file size appears alongside each other. The right panel enables the user to see a bigger thumbnail for a selected image from the View pane. Users have an option to resize the chosen image by selecting a desired size from the dropdown list. Users can also set the image to be Public or Private by clicking a toggle button corresponding to the option. The input box below the thumbnail enables users to type in desired tags. Users can also choose to set the privacy and add tags by batch. The Upload button is located on the bottom right corner.