ImageScope 12.01

Aperio Technologies (Freeware)

ImageScope is free software for viewing digital images from slide scanners. This application is primarily used for pathology or medical analysis of microscope-level glass slides.  It can be used to view high resolution images in JPEG, TIFF, TIF, CWS (Composite Web Slides), SSI, MRXS, and NDPI file formats.

This program allows viewing of multiple slides in synchronized windows. It also comes with free Aperio Integrated Color Management system to ensure accurate color display. Real-time Image rotation, panning and zooming are also supported. Image adjustments can be applied to slides to improve their picture quality – image brightness, gamma, and contrast can be fine-tuned. More importantly, this software lets slides be viewed from any focal angle.

ImageScope also provides annotation tools for collaborative analysis. There are several drawing tools to create shapes of interest, exclude areas, and add text. Multiple persons can add their own notations over individual layers for organized analysis. Annotations can be saved and exported.

It is also possible to create a link or sequence of slide images for continuous viewing or study. This program also allows simultaneous viewing of slides from any computers on the local network or over the internet. Joint analysis of slides by pathologists from distant locations is therefore possible without them needing the physical slides.