VSO Software SARL (Freeware)

ImageResizer is an application that allows users to resize images in the computer. The program supports a wide variety of image file formats including JPG, GIF, ICO, PNG, TIFF, and a lot more. The program is a Windows shell extension and users can access the application’s window by right clicking on a file. Resizing images can be done in just a few steps. (1) Locate the image to be resized, (2) Right click and choose ImageResizer from the menu, (3) Choose the options for resizing and click on the ‘Process’ button.

The user can change the settings before resizing on the program’s window. Users can set the output resolution, change the original file or create a copy of the file, and compress the image. The program supports batch conversion so users can convert multiple files all at the same time. In addition, a watermark can be added to the images. There are also effects and borders that come with the program.

Other features of the ImageResizer application include the following:
• High quality image resizing filters
• Create email-friendly images
• Create profiles for easier conversion
• Create custom PDF pages
• Easy to use interface
• Digital picture frame wizard