REALVIZ S.A. (Proprietary)

ImageModeler is a graphics application originally developed by Realviz and has been subsequently acquired by Autodesk. This photo modeling application is ideal for use by animators, architects, civil engineers, product designers, and graphics professionals, and is also a great learning tool for beginners. It allows users to create virtual 3D models from videos, cinematic images, and photos. The project workflow consists of three phases: Calibration, Modeling, and Texturing. In the first phase, users calibrate the application for one or more photos by matching points between selected images. The imported images are displayed within the interface and users can select the reference points of the model within each image.

In modeling, the base 3D model is created using polygonal primitives and redefined according to user preference. This program processes the images and interpret these to define their geometry and structure in three-dimensional wire mesh. The generated polygonal mesh may be edited or adjusted by users. In texturing, the application makes use of the pixel data from the source images to come up with the correct 3D image texture. It will map out the texture from the original model into the mesh, resulting in a realistic and accurate 3D image. The resulting image can be exported to other applications for further enhancement.