ImageMapper Application

4Dots Software (Freeware)

ImageMapper Application is an image management program developed by 4Dots Software and released on November 2011. The program enables users to make and edit interactive HTML image maps. These image maps are embedded in web pages. The program enables users to set, draw, and modify properties for hotspots. These hotspots are located on the image map image. The program supports image map creation for both the server-side and client-side image maps. For server-side image maps, the program provides support for both NCSA and CERN image maps.

ImageMapper Application enables users to test the created image maps on supported browsers. The program supports unlimited Undo option, as well as unlimited Redo option. It also enables users to load image maps from existing web pages. The program supports a variety of image map file formats including PNG, GIF, and JPEG. The program also comes with an image map creation wizard for users who are still learning the program. ImageMapper Application is perfect for HTML web developers. The program gives users the ability to create and edit their own image maps, as well as extract image maps from webpages that are already created. The program also enables users to events to the image map hotspots.

ImageMapper Application released some trial versions before its subsequent release. These trial versions were included in some publications including the Web Pages Made Easy magazine and the Italian PC Magazine. The two magazines included in their cover flap, a DVD containing the program’s trial version.