Image to OCR Converter 1.2

Soft Solutions (Shareware)

Image to OCR Converter is an application used to convert scanned documents, pdf, and images into editable Text, Doc, MS Word, PDF, and HTML files. Text from png jpg, pdf, bmp, tif, and gif image formats can be read by the program. Layout, tables, text, and graphics of multi-page and single documents are preserved.

Program interface is intuitive and streamlined. Scanned documents need not be retyped since pdf files and scanned images are converted into formats which are text based. Scanned documents, pdf, and images in a program supported language may be converted to text in the original language along with language styles and fonts. Watermark and password protection features are provided to documents which have been converted. Password protection functions prevent other people from copying or viewing content from documents. The watermark feature on the other hand prevents illegal distribution. Formatting and logical structure elements are retained. Complex layouts in designs, documents containing tables, legal documents, faxes, and photos taken with phone and digital cameras are correctly recreated and recognized in the output formats. File position options include de-skew and automatic rotation. Tilted, skewed, and rotated documents are automatically detected and corrected by the program. Detailed information can also be incorporated by users such as document title, author name, keywords, and document subject. Document actions include content copying, printing, modifying, and annotating.