Image Resize Guide 1.4.1

Two Pilots (Shareware)

Image Resize Guide is an image resizing software developed by Two Pilots and released on February 2013. Image Resize Guide enables users to perform simple resize functions and simple editing. This program enables users to adjust the image size by making context-sensitive cuts. The program also enables users to remove objects from an image.

Image Resize Guide features several functions including Smart Resize, Smart Remove, Smart Patch, Resize, Crop, Rotation, and Text. Smart Resize involves two functions—making image size changes and making aspect ratio changes by cropping the image. This function involves a complicated algorithm that makes context-sensitive changes on the image. Users may designate specific objects on the image and protect it so that it will not be cropped out during Smart Resize. Smart Remove features three object removal options—simple removals, mono-directional removals, and a two-step removal process. Removals are best performed against a plain background like a wall, snow, shrubbery, or water. Smart Patch function enables users to take patches from one part of the image and paste the same to another part. Resize and Crop involves simple resizing functions. Rotate functions enable users to rotate the image in 90 degree increments. Text option enables users to customize the image by adding text or caption on the image itself. Saving the image finalizes the edits.