Image Inc. 1.2

S.W. Upham (Freeware)

Image Inc. is a graphics program that allows users to merge images together to come up with a more interesting picture. This is ideal for beginners who do not want to use a professional application just for the process of blending images. The application comes with different masks to be used for the images. It has a simple user interface that anyone can operate.

The left side of the window consists of the layer palette where users can control and edit the base image, the overlay image, and the mask used for blending. Majority of the main window is dedicated to displaying the images that are loaded to the application. Photos and images can be imported to the application by clicking the Load buttons. Users can also tweak the settings by clicking on the Edit button. The base image can be moved up or down according to where the user wants it to be placed. For the overlay image, users can change the layer blend, as well as the opacity of the image. Under mask options, users can choose from a selection of gradient presets that are already included in the application. There are 26 blend modes included in the application.