Image for Windows 2.80

TeraByte Unlimited (Shareware)

Image for Windows is a program that allows users to backup and restore all hard drive data. Backup files can be saved in different locations, such as network and external drives, as well as compact disks (CDs) and DVDs. This software utilizes Volume Shadow Copy Service, which is a technology that allows the software to run while the computer is in use. Even if the software is Windows-based, it can backup and restore other operating systems and even partitions by third-party software.

The Image for Windows user interface makes use of wizard functionality allowing novice users to follow simple instructions. To restore the data, the user can simply boot the recovery disk and restore the items or partitions that need to be restored. There are six main operations that can be performed including Full Backup, Backup of changes, Restore (Automatic), Restore (Normal), Validate, and Copy. Once the user has selected the operation, the location where the backup will be stored must be selected. The destination folder is displayed in treeview and can also be added using the Add Virtual Drive button. Next, the user will be asked to provide the filename for the backup, as well as a description for easy reference. The application also has the capability to compress the backup files and lock it with a password. The status of the backup per item, as well as the overall progress, is displayed including some statistics, such as Time Elapsed, Time Remaining, MiB Transferred, and MiB Remaining.