Image Data Lightbox SR

Sony Corporation (Freeware)

Sony Image Data Lightbox SR is a program that enables users to manage and edit the digital images saved in their computer’s hard disk. This program contains features used in organizing images into folders, enhancing the quality of digital images, and preparing images for printing or backup. Sony Image Data Lightbox SR is a part of a software package called Sony Image Data Suite, which includes two other applications: Sony Image Data Converter, which is used to convert digital images into various image formats, and the Sony Remote Control, which enables users to navigate freely into image folders in the computer. Sony Image Data Lightbox SR supports various image formats such as RAW, JPEG, or TIFF. This program allows users to view their image collections in different modes: thumbnail mode, preview mode, or full view mode. Users can also view different image information such as the image name, file size, image dimensions, image format, and rating.

Sony Image Data Lightbox SR allows three main user actions. First is Creating Collections where users can create a folder of images according to a specific category. Users can create of photos per event, project, person, theme, etc. Users may create an unlimited number of collections where they may freely drop or transfer images from one collection to another. The next user action is Image Rating where users can rate an image using a five-star rating system. This feature allows users to easily manage their photos by knowing which photos have a better quality than others. The last action is Photo Selection where users browse and select images from their collections. Users may filter their images according to its rating, or according to date.