Image Coupler

wtr (Freeware)

Image Coupler is a free program developed by independent programmer WTR. This particular application is an imaging utility that is able to consolidate several image files into one file. Image files with different formats such as JPG and PNG are supported. Aside from saving storage space, it also provides ease of access to various image data files. Another benefit of this particular application is that it provides its users with access to simple tools that they can use for various photo projects like digital scrapbooking.

When it comes to the Image Coupler application from WTR, the interface is simple. It is extremely user-friendly making it ideal for even the most amateur of users. There are two main dropdown menus that appear on the upper portion of the window. The user simply has to input a designated folder from which the images will be taken. The other menu is where the user will choose a designated output folder for the new file that will be generated by the application. A file type menu is also displayed, allowing the user to choose what kind of file type the new file will be. Apart from these, other fine customization options are available for manipulation prior to the consolidation of the chosen images.