Image Converter 2.1 (Freeware)

Image Converter an image converting utility developed by Mr. John Conners. He affectionately calls it “John’s Image Converter.” The developer describes the software as having “One sole purpose” and that sole purpose is what the program is aptly named for. It is a small, light program that does its job fast and hassle free. The “one sole purpose” is not entirely true, however, as users will be quick to discover that the nifty little application has a little more up its sleeve than just image conversion.

The user interface for John’s Image Converter is fairly simple. Microsoft Windows users will find the interface quite similar to system dialogs found in the Control Panel of the operating system. The program is also just about as easy to use as one of those dialogs. There are three main tabs in the interface, namely “Convert One Image”, “Convert a Folder”, and “Create a Montage”. The tabs perform the respective functions they are labeled after. Aside from simply converting photos, whether it be one by one or by folder, the program can also create montages out of several images. Images can also be resized through these functions. Converting one image allows users to convert and resize one image at a time whilst converting by the folder will allow conversion and resizing by folder.