iLivid Download Manager

Bandoo Media (Freeware)

iLivid Download Manager provides tools for managing downloads of hosted files from the Internet. The program comes with plugins that allow users to download and view and listen to files that have popular video and audio formats. The application comes with a VLC streamer that is capable of playing almost any type of file. It can also play files straight from CDs, DVDs, and packed archives from the computer’s hard drive. One of the features of the program is the ability to play files, even if they are not yet fully downloaded on the computer. iLivid Download Manager also comes with a Link Availability Checker. It automatically checks download links to see if there are any dead links.

iLivid Download Manager supports Rapidshare and allows both premium  and non-premium users to play videos. The application also comes with the iLivid Toolbar, which is capable of getting all the video links on a visited website so that they can be played right after the download starts. Users also have the option to download files up to 12 times faster than the regular download speed.

Other features of the program include the following:
• Convert and download videos from YouTube
• Built-in accelerators
• XBMC plug-ins support
• One-click downloading