Apple, Inc. (Proprietary)

iLife is a software suite for multimedia management designed by Apple, Inc. for Apple products running Mac OS X or iOS. The program enables users to manage their images, music, and movies. The suite features three tools: iMovie, iPhoto, and GarageBand.  On some older versions, Garageband used to be iTunes.

iLife’s iMovie is a digital video editing tool. The program enables users to edit videos taken using the iPhone, iPod, or iPad. The program features some editing tools including the ability to cut videos, split clips, add special effects, and add titles. The program also allows users to combine multiple clips into just one movie. The program recognizes other digital camera input including MPEG4 cameras, HDV cameras, and AVHCD cameras. The program supports digital images to be included during the video editing process.  Output file format is .MOV which is playback-supported in Apple’s QuickTime Player.

iLife’s iPhoto enables users to manage their photos from the capture process to the sharing the image online. The program supports facial recognition and geotagging of images. The program recognizes the metadata contained in some images, allowing users to check the images taken in an area on a map. Editing tools include the ability to crop or rotate images, remove red eyes, adjust saturation, exposure, or brightness. The program also enables users to convert the images from color to black and white or sepia.  

iLife GarageBand is the music management and podcast creation tool. It comes with an integrated pre-recorded audio loops that can be utilized by the user for their audio creations.