WindSolutions (Bundled)

iLibs is an application that is used to manage iTunes related files and processes. This program serves to provide its users with access to different tools and services that will make the task of managing multiple Apple devices simpler. iLibs is a program that was developed by WindSolutions and with it, different Apple devices can be synched under one computer system making it easy for files to be backed up, updated, or migrated from one device to the next.

Making the mistake of deleting files occurs rampantly for most Apple device users but this is prevented when the iLibs program is utilized. With this application, files can be arranged into different folders and these can be edited as needed. A series of files can be copied onto a particular device or removed from another. Generating new users not to mention file libraries also becomes simpler when this application is available.

The interface of iLibs is also simple to use that even non-techy users will have no problems using the program. There are two windows on the main interface. One of these is for user identification where individuals can add or remove user profiles as they go along. When certain files need to be accessed, copied, or transferred, the user simply has to select a profile from the available list. The other option window is for stored libraries. Again, libraries can be created or deleted as preferred and instead of transferring files one by one, whole libraries can be migrated into a particular Apple device.