IL Content Library

Image-Line (Freeware)

IL Content Library is an application that is used to search and access FL studio or plugins in the internet.
The application also enables users to access previously downloaded files in the library. FL studio is an audio electronic system that is exclusively designed for editing, recording and playing back audio files. This type of audio system was originally developed by a Belgian company named Image-Line.
IL Content Library can also work as a VST instrument for several audio programs.

The interface of the program includes an open menu located in the Online Panel that grants access to the content of the library. User can also open the application using other plugins like DirectWave and FPC. Once the window interface is maximized, the browser window will appear. The browser will display contents that are available for download. Contents are categorized according to file status which includes “Downloaded, Online, and Type to Filter”. The application has an option menu that features managing and sorting tools. The option tool includes Refresh List, Refresh all lists, and Download List Updates. These tools primarily update items in the current list found in the computer system.  With this option tool, users can determine which items are already downloaded.