iJoysoft DVD Creator

iJoysoft (Freeware)

iJoysoft DVD Creator is an application program developed by iJoysoft for computers running on both Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X. The program has the ability to convert various video file formats and save them into a compact disc, which can then be played on a conventional DVD player.
Aside from its ability to burn videos into digital video discs, DVD Creator allows users to customize the appearance of menus that are embedded with the burned videos in a DVD. For instance, custom menus are possible with a variety of options together with subtitles and video effects that integrate with the videos’ primary “homepage” once the disc is loaded.

DVD Creator can “fetch” videos from a user’s computer, whether the file was recorded with standard definition or with high definition cameras. Files saved in such formats as Matroska, Audio/Video Interleave, and Windows Media Video are automatically optimized by the program before videos are prepared for disk burning.

If no DVD is inserted into the disc drive, iJoysoft automatically “saves” the task while still performing chores that are essential to the disk burning process. The ISO can then be burned once a DVD is inserted into the optical drive. The entire process of preparing, loading, and burning a previously copied file takes place without human assistance.