IHF Handball Challenge 12

Neutron Games GmbH (Shareware)

IHF Handball Challenge 12, or simply IHF HC 12, is a handball-action video game developed by Neutron Games GmbH. It was initially released on October 28, 2011 as part of the IHF Handball Challenge game series. The game incorporates the World Men’s Handball Championship, as well as all the national teams in the International Handball Federation. The game is also officially licensed by the IHF, Liga ASOBA, and TOYOTA Handball-Bundesliga.

The game made some changes to the in-game. One of these is the change in difficulty levels. IHF HC 12 also improved the passing system, which provides more visible player marks. Aside from the passing system, there have also been changes to the passing accuracy. It also added three HC testimonials to make the game look realistic. Players can also use the Handball Challenge World League when playing the Rest of the World mode.

The game made changes to the AI. Particularly, it offers support for defensive moves for the AIs. With regards to offense, the game also changed some aspects of the automatic crossing motions and backcourt shots. AI goalies are also now capable of catching lobs from backcourt. Changes in settings (i.e. graphics and textures), animations, and graphics have also been added to the game.