Corel Corporation (Shareware)

iGrafx is a powerful business tool made to aid all aspects of business processes. It is especially designed to improve and unify business models and activities. It is made with a user-friendly interface which is easy to learn and easy to adapt to, especially for beginners in the business process. It has a collaborative environment which enables all the departments of the business be in sync with the information being processed through iGrafx. It helps the users analyze vital information and improve the business strategy. The use of iGrafx in a company augments the company’s chances of success.

It is a process management solution that helps each individual in the business to effectively contribute into the business. It promotes efficiency of work and optimization of the business individuals. iGrafx effectively aligns the activities of the IT department to all the other departments like sales, accounting, human resources, and marketing. This application’s single platform for process knowledge and analysis unites the company into achieving operational excellence.  Its processes mature as the company matures. This helps the company track its growth and its potential through use of the iGrafx creative processes like creation of flowcharts, corporate presentations, regulatory compliances, business activity alignment and access to large scale Six Sigma or Learn initiatives.