Iggle Pop!

Sprout Games, LLC (Proprietary)

Iggle Pop! Is an arcade game developed by Sprout Games and was released in 2006. This game is a type of an adventure arcade game where players take control fuzzy creatures called “Iggles” as they rescue their companions from the evil “Zoogs” that kidnapped them. In Iggle Pop!, players must navigate their character through a maze that is filled with different traps and obstacles in order to rescue the innocent Iggles that are being held in bubble traps. Players can choose between four Iggle protagonists: Fizzy, Lizzy, Rizzo, and Bozz. The characters can rescue their fellow Iggles by popping the bubble prison and leading them towards a color-coded exit. Players must also pay attention to tips and tricks provided by Dr. Iggle that would help the character win the round.

Iggle Pop has two game modes: Adventure mode and Retro mode. Adventure mode allows players to play the game’s story and has ten chapters with over 100 levels. Retro mode can be unlocked by completing the story mode. This game mode has five chapters and over 50 levels. Iggle Pop has a very dynamic interface with unique background music and special effects sounds. The players can navigate their Iggle character around the maze by using the keyboard. Each level contains different bonus drops which increases the player’s overall score when picked up. In addition, Iggle Pop! Have bonus stages where players can freely rack up points. Players start the game with three lives, which can be multiplied by getting high scores.