Purple Ghost Software, Inc. (Proprietary)

iGadget, developed by Purple Ghost Software, is primarily a tool used for transferring files to and from a user’s Apple iPod. It can also be used to backup songs, videos, and other files users may have on their iPods. It is an alternative to the default Apple iTunes music player, although it is also designed to work together with it, and takes over many of the duties it performs with iPods. The developers describe it as a tool to unlock the full potential of users’ iPods. Indeed, the program does come with much more than just a file transfer tool.

Aside from providing users with a reliable backup system for their iPods, iGadget also provides advanced syncing features. This allows users to take their iPods above and beyond what they were initially intended to do. With the program, users can take their iPods and create address books using Microsoft Outlook, store up-to-date gas prices on their iPods, save movie schedules and show times, receive and save weather forecasts, read RSS feeds, keep a comprehensive list of all the music stored in the user’s music library and even save a library of text files on the device to keep for reference. To complete the circle of features, the program also has an advanced playlist recovery system.