IEHistoryView 1.70

NirSoft (Freeware)

IEHistoryView is used for viewing list of URLs that were visited using Internet Explorer. The application has a simple window that displays the URL, title of the site, number of hits, date when it was last modified, and other important data. With the application, users can remove URLs from the history list, which cannot be done with the history feature of Internet Explorer. The list of URLs can also be exported as XML, TXT or HTML for reference. The application does not need to be installed in the computer in order for it to run. It can be saved on a thumb drive and run on any computer. It also supports viewing of URLs for other users on the computer. Additionally, the history list can be accessed on a remote computer if access is permitted. The program can also be used to view old history information saved by Internet Explorer. To do this, click on Select History Subfolder under the File menu on the main window.

Here are the other features of the IEHistoryView program:

• Multilanguage support
• Support for command line operation
• Simple and easy to use interface
• Search feature for finding a specific URL from the list