IE Privacy Keeper

UnH Solutions (Freeware)

IE Privacy Keeper is an application used to clean the browser history of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. All Internet activities’ traces are removed when the computer is shut down or the browser is closed. Index.dat files can be removed without the need to restart Windows. System activities such as MRU lists and recent documents are also removed by the program. A user is allowed to retain selected history items.

Multiple tabs can be accessed from the program’s interface. Such tabs are Files, System, Registry, Options, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Items that can be cleaned up by the program include the clipboard, programs list for Start menu, auto complete of searches, Flash cookies, the prefetch folder, recent documents, run history, temporary Windows and Internet files, saved passwords, history for download manager, cookies,  typed URLs, and browsing history, among others. The Registry Editor and latest file lists of programs such as MS Powerpoint, Excel, Word, ACD See, WinZIP, Acrobat Reader, Media Player of Windows, and WinRAR, can all be accessed. Users can also add values or registry keys to delete, as well as specify their own folders and files to be cleaned. Designated folders and files to be cleaned can be sent to the Recycle Bin, subfolders can be processed, and exceptions can be set using the program. Other program features include configuration of locations, notifications, and settings for automatic cleanup.