IE PassView 1.30

NirSoft (Freeware)

IE PassView is a password application that allows managing of passwords stored by Internet Explorer. When logging to a specific web account using Internet Explorer, the browser asks permission to store the log-in details (usually the username and the password) of the user. This allows the browser to remember it, and then input the details automatically when the user visits the website again. Overtime, Internet Explorer stores a number of passwords in its log. Sometimes, these passwords are no longer needed. Either they have been changed or the user does not visit the website anymore. IE PassView allows viewing of all the passwords stored by Internet Explorer. It then lets the user choose which ones are to be kept and which ones are to be deleted.
IE PassView stores the following information:
• Entry Name - the website's IP address
• Type - how the passwords are stored (either autocomplete, or protected)
• Stored in - where the passwords are stored
• User Name - which windows account uses the password
• Password - the password itself revealed in text
IE PassView allows exporting of the passwords to specific password applications, such as KeePass. The passwords are exported into a CSV file to be imported to other password managers. The program has the ability to gauge the strength of a password - from very weak to very strong.