IDroo 1.0

Iteral Group Ltd (Freeware)

IDroo is an educational tool (or plugin) that lets users collaborate in real time on Skype, a messenger-program from Microsoft. With this plugin, participants have a shared whiteboard. Whatever is written, or drawn in one of the participant's screen is shared across the whiteboard of other participants. There is no limit on how many people can participate in one session. The program also has writing tools. With the writing tool, users can write words, draw shapes, or even use a template. It can also support importing of external images. These images, when uploaded on the writeboard will be visible to other participants' whiteboards as well.

One main feature of IDroo is that it can let users insert mathematical problems. These math problems can either be simple or complex. While the tool is for collaboration, it also works with Skype's call feature. Users can collaborate on IDroo while engaging in conversations with each other. To facilitate drawing of images and shapes, the program can work with various Wacom tablets (Bamboo and Intuos). It can also work with other drawing tablets. Installing the program can be done by going to Skype Options. Users have to select Advanced Options to click on connecting programs. It can also be installed when running the EXE file while Skype is open.