IdPhotos Pro 5

PIXEL-TECH (Shareware)

IdPhotos Pro is a program used for processing IDs for visas and passports. The application creates identification cards that meet the regulation standards of organizations. It has advanced detection technology that is capable of recognizing facial features on a photo. It then fixes the image by cropping, resizing, and rotating the image to meet ID standards. The program comes with over a hundred layouts and formats for passports. It also comes with a wizard that guides users through the steps of adding and fixing the ID.

On the main interface, users can choose from a type of ID picture to create from a drop down list. When one is chosen, the requirements for that particular type will be listed on the right panel. Users can then choose an image to open on the browser. For passport IDs and visas, a list of countries supported will also be displayed. The picture opened on the window will then be validated if it meets the requirements. Users can make the necessary adjustments on the photo with the tools available in the program. There are also tools for adjusting the photo’s colors. Retouching tools are available as well. Afterwards, the photo will be calibrated for printing. Users can also go to the Settings window for other options, such as Layout, Sending, File Naming, and other tasks.