IDpack Designer

Aptika (Bundled)

IDpack Designer is one of the components that come with the IDpack Business application, which is used for creating identification cards. The designer is where users can create their own ID cards. Users do not need to have extensive knowledge in designing in order to use this application. The program comes with a set of tools for creating identification cards. These cards can be done in portrait or landscape format depending on the user’s preferences.

The designer has a large work area where the ID can be created. When the orientation is chosen, a white rectangular card will appear on the screen. Users can then add pictures, the logo of the company, name, department, and even a barcode. Users have flexibility over the font used, the size, colors, and other aspects of the card. The work area also has a ruler on the left and upper portion so users can see the size of the card when printed out. Key features of the program are listed below:

• Simple and easy to use even for users with no knowledge in designing
• Wide variety of styles to play with
• Create different kinds of cards, such as identification, loyalty cards, membership cards, passes, event cards, and many others
• Cards can be printed out straight from the application