IdiomaX Translation Assistant 7.0

IdiomaX LLC (Shareware)

IdiomaX Translation Assistant is a translation application that is capable of translating words, sentences, and even blocks of texts. The program is useful at home, for businesses, and schools. When not in use, it sits on an icon on the system tray. To use the application, highlight a word that needs translation and then click on the software’s icon on the system tray. The translation will immediately appear next to the original word that was highlighted. In some cases, words have several translations. All the possible translations will be displayed, too. Translations can also be done from the main window. Copy text and paste it to the translated text field and click the Translate button.

The application offers several language pairs including:

• English to Spanish, French, and Italian
• Spanish to English, Italian, and French
• French to English, Italian, and Spanish
• Italian to Spanish, French, and English

In addition to the standard dictionary, IdiomaX Translation Assistant also has built-in special dictionaries for finding translations of words in a certain field. The special dictionaries included in the application are legal, social security, business & economy, medicine, and computing. The application comes with a comprehensive help file that shows users how to use the application.