IDEAL Administration

Pointdev (Proprietary)

IDEAL Administration is a premium application for managing mission-critical servers, workstations, domains, workgroups, and user accounts for corporate networks. It allows remote access, management, and discreet monitoring of computer clients. It is geared towards the administration of very large and complex company network infrastructures.

Despite its complex features, this program is still very user friendly even for newbie system administrators who are just starting on the job. It requires no steep learning curve to master. This application allows for easy management of networked computers via its simple user interface. The main program window is tab-based and straightforward. Everything is well-organized for quick access to important tasks like searching for specific computers, viewing network history logs, file transfers, network mapping, Active Directory management, network printing, mail exchange administration, and other vital network activities.

Using the server station, an administrator gets full access to any client computer via local network, WAN, VPN or through an Internet connection. The admin gets to view the client computer’s desktop display and take full control of it.  Files, applications, browsing history, registry, and other important information can be accessed through IDEAL administration. Database migration and user restriction is also possible. Corporate user accounts can also be remotely managed from the server station.

IDEAL Administration is a cross-platform application, which means it is very easy and convenient to deal with computers even if they are using different operating systems. It only requires that the client computers are installed with the correct OS-specific client-side program.