iDailyDiary 3.85

Splinterware (Freeware)

iDailyDiary is an application used for taking down notes. It comes with a set of tools and features for jotting down ideas and thoughts. It has a ribbon style interface where the menus, command buttons, and tools are located on the top portion of the main window. The work area is located at the center of the screen, and the calendar is located at the bottom part of the screen. With this program, users are not only able to take down text, they can also add images, and URLs to their favorite websites. Daily entries can be added and users can flip through their notes with the arrow buttons located at the top portion of the screen.

Diary entries from the program can be exported to HTML format, so that they can be made into web pages. The program also has a search feature, enabling users to find a specific text from several entries. In addition to these features, other features of the software include:

• Topics – With this feature, users are able to group together entries that have the same topics.
• Check spelling – iDailyDiary comes with its own thesaurus and spell checker that eliminates the need to use a different software for checking spelling.
• Themes – The program comes with more than 50 themes to allow users to customize the appearance of their diary.