ID3 Tag Editor 1.0

Jazz Soft (Shareware)

ID3 Tag Editor is an ID3 format editor with data tagging capabilities for audio files. This is an audio program. This tag editor is popular amongst developers of hardware and software and is known to within these circles the world over. This program is supported in Winamp, Music Match, WMP (Windows Media Player), iTunes, YME. This app is also supported in Sony Walkman, Toshiba Gigabeat, iPod, and Creative Zen.

ID3 Tag Editor is a freeware designed with the following features:
• Support for ID3v1 and ID3v2
• Can read and write metadata for Musepack, Ogg-Vorbis, FLACMonkey's Audio, and files in MP3 format
• Full Unicode support with the capability of shortening audio files
• Designed for personal, non-profit, and commercial use
• Encodes textual data in UTF-8
• Stores information such as album, year, title, artist, track, year and cover photo in the audio file itself

D3 Tag Editor also allows program users to jump to a specific chapter in the audio file or to whatever location they need to find. This application provides tools that present a slide show of titles and images synchronized with the audio file during playback. ID3 Tag Editor has the capability to tag information on the files which are otherwise invisible to Windows Explorer or Windows Media Player.