ID Vault

White Sky, Inc. (Proprietary)

ID Vault is a security tool that protects users from online identity theft and fraud. It does so by logging users into their online shopping, financial, and other password-protected accounts without requiring users to type sensitive information (such as credit card numbers and passwords). By doing so, users are protected from malware that can record keystrokes and steal passwords. This application automatically protects usernames and passwords by using an encryption method and saving these to a secure location on the user’s computer.  

With this tool, users can simply add the online accounts they want to protect. Whenever users want to log in to a registered account, they can just enter their ID Vault personal identification number instead of the individual username and password, or credit card information. The application will securely and automatically log the user in to the account.

This application protects users from the following security threats: Pharming, Browser-based attacks, Bank Trojans, Phishing, and Dictionary attacks. In addition, this program makes use of a three-level security architecture to protect its users:

• Two-Factor Authentication – remote authentication by geographically-distributed servers
• IP Whitelist – this application keeps a list of monitored and validated sites, and verifies that there is a secure connection before logging in
• SecureView Private Browser – a special browser that opens a secure connection to financial sites and blocks malicious plug-ins