ID Serve, freeware by Steve Gibson 1.0

Gibson Research Corp. (Freeware)

ID Serve is a freeware by Steve Gibson is essentially a security investigation tool. Its main function is to examine the workings of the Web server. This program also gives information in the operating platform of the server. The probe can also reveal useful information on other information such as cookie values and reverse DNS information.

Gibson Research Corp. has given consumers other useful programs. This particular utility has the following capabilities:
• Determining existing vulnerabilities of the server
• Configuration of firewall filters
• HTTP and non-HTTP server identification
• Reverse DNS lookup by utilizing the domain name system to figure out the IP address

ID Serve is useful in making assessments on the security of any remote Web server. In terms of ID Serve’s functionality related to site cookies, this program gives the user the opportunity to determine information on the format, appearance and expiration details. As a simple port probe, ID Serve is designed to reveal the status of a port—whether it is in stealth or closed. The main function of ID Serve is to track domain names that belong to IP addresses that appear on the firewall logs of computer users. This utility has the capability to assure users of commercial website of greater security.