ID Security Suite

Fastlink2 (Shareware)

ID Security Suite is a program package comprised of a number of applications designed to protect computers from outside intrusion or unauthorized use, including spyware, hackers, and other file security threats. With this program suite, private and sensitive information are kept safe through system optimization and maintenance, encryption, protection of critical files, and password access. In addition to securing files, many of the applications included in this program suite have file recovery modules, as well as file deletion features. The file erase function prevents the computer’s hard disk from being searched for files that have already been deleted.

Some of the applications included in the ID Security Suite are the ID Privacy Shield, ID AntiKeylogger, and ID AntiPhishing. Privacy Shield covers up the user’s Internet and computer history, and erases user activity automatically. The AntiKeylogger application prevents the reconstruction of the computer keyboard use history. With this tool, spyware that attempt to get passwords are denied access. It also prevents spyware from reading the content of the user’s files. The AntiPhishing utility blocks popup windows when browsing the Internet, protecting the computer from scam sites. Users may also specify the popups to allow.

Aside from these utilities, this program package also has ID Directory Shield, ID AntiSpam, ID Secure Browser, ID AntiPopup, and ID AntiDialer as part of its security suite.