ID Manager

WoodenSoldier (Freeware)

ID Manager is a program for managing usernames and passwords. Multiple users can use the ID Manager. The first step in using the program is to create an account. After supplying the username and password for the program, the main window will appear. Users can then add several online accounts and set up the log in details for each account. Some of the details needed include the username, password, URL of the account, and the email address.

To use ID Manager, click on the URL of the account. A web browser will automatically open the web page for the account. Go back to the program’s window and click on the icon beside ‘Title’. The form will automatically be filled out with the information corresponding to that specific account. All the accounts can be viewed on the left panel of the main window. When not in use, the program’s icon sits on the system tray.

Other features of the ID Manager program are the following:
• Automatic data input with the Smart-Paste feature
• Works with popular web browsers and email clients
• Personal information management
• Multi-language support (English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese)
• Import and export to and from VSV and XML