Free Lunch Design (Freeware)

Icy Tower is a retro-themed platform game developed by the company, Free Lunch Design. The player assumes the role of a character named Harold the Homeboy, whose main task is to get to the top of the frozen platform by slipping and sliding around the slippery surface. The player must ascend as fast as possible because the levels below start crumbling immediately. The player only has one life, so if s/he fails to escape the crumbling floors, s/he loses the game. Controlling Harold the Homeboy’s movements is done by pressing the arrow keys and space bar on the computer keyboard.

The game features a combo meter that needs to be filled up by making combination of special jumps. Since Icy Tower is a Facebook game, has a social aspect that allows players to compare scores with other players. This means that users will be able to see their friends’ avatars on their respective levels on the Icy Tower. Avatars can be customized through the game’s selection of clothes, hairstyles, and facial features. Some wardrobe options can only be accessed by spending a substantial amount of coins, which can be collected around the tower while playing the game or purchased through the game using various payment methods.