ICS Viewer 2.0

Marc Vos (Freeware)

ICS Viewer is a tool for converting iCalendar (ICS) files into table view. The user can simply load any ICS file. The software instantly transforms it into table format. When in table format, the files become easily readable. Loading files can be done by dragging and dropping the file into the ICS viewer grid. Choosing “Open” from the file menu will also do the job. As the file loads, the program processes the following tags: DTSTART, SUMMARY, DTEND, DESCRIPTION, and LOCATION. It then divides the starting and ending times into two columns. Columns can either be shown or hidden when the user selects their respective boxes.

As a computer file format, iCalendar file enables Internet users to send tasks and meeting requests to other Web users. The communication is accomplished either via email or by sharing files with an .ics extension. Using supporting software like a calendar application or an email client, recipients can accept the requests or tasks. They can also propose a different meeting date.

The display of the ICS file contents can be expanded or narrowed down by the dates at the top of the panel. ICS Viewer calculates the hours and rounds them off into whole and half hours. A small popup menu lets the user set the decimal point for half hours. When the user is satisfied with the settings and changes, he can select all the contents in the grid, copy them, and paste them into a spreadsheet or invoice.