iCopyBot for Windows 7.8.8

VOW Software, Ltd. (Shareware)

iCopyBot for Windows is a program that enables users to transfer music and other kinds of files from their iPod devices to their computer. This is program is developed by VOW Software and released on May 2013. The program allows users to copy not just music and audio files but also videos, photos, music playlists, and even ebooks, to their computers. Users may access all the files in their iPod, iPhone, and iPad without going through iTunes. Imported songs and playlists include even comments, playcount, song ratings, and volume adjustments.

iCopyBot for Windows is a file transfer program particularly useful to users who would like to share the contents of their iPod, iPhone, or iPad but without an iTunes installed on their computer. This also protects the device from unwanted synchronizations with iTunes resulting to lost games, apps, and even image files.

The iCopyBot for Windows interface features a light grey theme with two windows—the Folder tree viewer and the File viewer. The Folder tree viewer allows users to select one or more folders to load on the File Viewer window through checkboxes corresponding to each folder path. The File viewer displays thumbnail views of the files contained in a selected source folder or folders. To initiate the data transfer, users may select as many files as there are in the folder and click either of two choices—Copy to Folder or Copy to iTunes.