Matteo Rossi (Open Source)

The application iCopy combines the functions of a printer and a scanner to create photocopies of any document. The program links the two devices together so that an original copy may be printed as soon as it is scanned, and allows the user to control the scanner’s settings and printer’s options. Users can adjust the number of copies to be printed, as well as the size, brightness, and contrast of output copies. In addition, the program lets users save the scanned images as files or export these to PDF without having to install other applications. The program itself does not need to be installed and can be run straight from the desktop or from any portable storage media.

When run, the program automatically detects the printer and the scanner that are connected to the computer. After a quick setup, the photocopier created from the scanner-printer combo will be ready to receive tasks. The user will only need to put the original document in the scanner and paper in the printer, click the “Scan” button, and wait for the photocopy from the printer. Users can choose to view the scanned documents and edit the printing settings first before having the scans printed. The application has Automatic Document Feeder support for users with ADF devices.