Stardock Inc. (Shareware)

IconX is an application that provides users with the ability to manage and enhance the Windows icons on their desktops. With this application, users can add effects to the icons and the text labels on the icons to make these easier to recognize and read. The icons can be set to any size and configured to react to different mouse states, such as when the cursor hovers over an icon. Users may also select which icons are displayed on the desktop and which are hidden.

IconX enables users to do the following to Windows desktop icons:
• Icon replacement – users can substitute a new icon in ICO format or a PNG image of their choice for an existing icon
• Apply special effects – users can apply shadows, transparency, anti-aliasing, and dynamic resizing
• React to mouse actions – icons can be set to zoom up or animate when users point their mouse cursor over the icons
• Manage icons – users can control which icons are shown on the desktop and arrange these as preferred
• Pre-loaded icons – the application comes with a library of icons that are ready to use. Users may also apply icons and images in their own folders or downloaded from the Internet.

This application was initially bundled with the program DesktopX and is now available as a standalone application.