IconTweaker 1.1

Joost Verburg (Freeware)

IconTweaker is an application that will customize all of the computer’s Windows icons. It can change each of the icons of all the folders and drives for immediate identification of its contents by the user. This streamlines the user’s workflow due to easier recognition of folders and files.

Installation is opening them in your browser. Clicking Manage Plugins on the Tools menu opens it and guides the user the simple process of installing the application into the system. In the interface, the user can modify all the icons on the network icons, drive icons, desktop, folder icons, file icons, including the customization of cursors. The program can set up the theme application where the user can modify a set of icons all at the same time. The Theme Archive Builder is used to make a file containing the themes with all the icons that are similar. These theme archives can then be distributed and shared to other systems.

IconTweaker can remember the contents of individual drive or folder with the use of custom icons. In the Icon System Settings, the user can customize the standard method on how the system will load and display the icons. Users who are designers can create themes and share them with others. The program has its own set of ready-to-use themes and icons.