FSL - Freesoftland (Freeware)

IconRestorer is an application that saves and restores icons’ positions on one’s desktop.  It is especially helpful in such cases as when the screen resolution is changed, when one uses more than a single monitor, or if one experiences a computer crash.  Desktop and file shortcut icons have a tendency to be scattered and scrambled in such events.  With IconRestore, icon positions are set in place. The application also prevents the scenario wherein a user has to manually place each and every icon in its original position.

Two or more profiles of icon position can be accommodated, and icon layout can be saved manually and automatically restored at any time.  Icon profiles may vary for different screen resolutions used, but the application can save and restore all icon positions as well as desktop wallpaper to their respective screen resolution. A contextual quick help comes with the program that provides ample information on each application feature located in the main window.  Desktop layouts can also be saved by providing created file names or simply using the application’s standard settings.  A “Layouts” feature also allows a user to import or export, rename or delete earlier saved items with the screen showing their specific desktop layouts.