Iconoid 3.8.6

SillySot Software (Freeware)

Iconoid is used for managing and changing the appearance of icons on the desktop. The application runs quietly in the background and the main window can be accessed by right clicking its icon located on the system tray. The program’s main window has six tabs for the different settings. The six tabs are:

• Colors – The colors tab shows the settings for the icon’s text and background. The color of the text can be changed and the icon’s background can be set to transparent or a solid color. A preview of the settings can be viewed on the window, too.
• Hiding – The Hiding tab has the settings for icon hiding, hiding all windows, and the delay times. The options have check boxes beside them for easy configuration.
• Positions – The position of the icons can be set under this tab. Special placements for the icons are possible, too (top, bottom, left, right, and edge).
• Desktop – Settings for the desktop background color and the wallpaper is found here.
• Tray – The Tray Icon Settings enable users to enable or disable the program’s tray icon, as well as manage the hiding options.
• Options – Other settings, such as starting the program at system startup, displaying tool tips, and enabling windows fading can be found under the Options tab.