IconEdit 7.04

Dimitry Kozhinov (Shareware)

IconEdit is an application used for creating and customizing icons that will be used on the computer. Normally, the computer already has a set of default icons for specific file types. Some of the icons on the computer can be changed using the computer’s icon changer. Through this program however, the user will be able to modify the icons and use any images on the computer as icon replacements.

To start creating an icon using this program, the user first needs to import the image file into the application’s interface. This can be done through the program's file browser function or by using the application's drag and drop support. Many image types are supported by the computer, including JPEG and GIF. When the image is finally on the interface, the user can proceed to do some minor tweaks on its appearance using editing tools. Some of these functions include rotating, flipping, and cropping. The image's brightness, color, and saturation can also be changed. Additional style functions include the application of filters such as blur, distort, and sharpen. After the editing process, the user can then save the image as an icon, which can then be used on the files and folders on the computer.