Icon Phile 2.1

Tal Sella & Dor Naveh (Freeware)

Icon Phile is an icon manager that is used for changing the icons on the computer. After installation, the program automatically goes through the system to see which icons can be changed. Icons can be changed by right clicking on a file and choosing a different icon to use. The program comes with several built-in icons, but users can also use icons saved in the computer’s hard drive. Icon Phile has a drag and drop feature, too. This allows users to change an application’s icon by dragging a new icon to the executable file of a program. Icon Phile has a simple user-interface that beginners will be able to manage.

The application’s main window consists of all the icons that can be modified. These are displayed as a list on the left side of the main window (Desktop, Folders, Drives, Start, My Folders, and Cursors). Once the user selects a category from the list, all the changeable icons are displayed on the window. To change the icons, click on a specific icon from the list and select a new icon to use. Click the ‘OK’ button to apply the changes.

Some of the features of the application are the following:
• Created for beginners
• Compatible with all icons
• Users can customize icon groups