Icon Generator Pro

Yasunobu Ikeda (Freeware)

Icon Generator Pro is an application for creating icons compatible with Adobe Creative Suite 5, CS4, HTML5, Star Badge, and Web 2.0. It is a program that has a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop features. Users can customize images that can also be incorporated in the icons they design. Mac OS users can make Adobe CS-style icons.

Icon Generator Pro requires users to download and install Adobe Air Runtime so they can run the former. When creating icons, users simply have to pick a color, choose the image design (Star Badge, Web 2.0, CS5, CS4, or HMTL5), type in the characters, and then click “Save.” Upon saving, the program will make icons in different sizes (16 x 16 px, 32 x 32 px, 48 x 48 px, 128 x 128 px, and 256 x 256 px) for the user to choose from.

The program’s editing feature comes in two levels – basic and advanced. Users can adjust the contrast and glare percentage by sliding the bar in the advanced variant of the editing tool. For iPhone and Android users wanting to create their own icons, the latest version of Icon Generator Pro already supports the creation of Android and iOS icons. In addition, Icon Generator Pro also supports the Twitter API (Application Programming Interface).