Icon Changer 3.8

Shell Labs (Shareware)

Icon Changer is a desktop application from Shell Labs. It is a program that lets users change desktop icons from the default one. It even allows changing icons of folders. To change an icon, click one and choose from the available icons. Icon Changer can find all available icons in the computer. Users can choose one that the software has scanned. There is a “filter” option to enable the software to search for specific category of icons. This can reduce the number of icons that can be displayed when just doing a normal search. Looking for an icon can also be more effective this way. Getting an icon from the Internet is also okay if users don’t want any icons that are stored on their computer. There is also an option to add icons on a “favorites” list. This reduces the hassle of browsing hundreds of icons in search for one that has already been used. This software particularly useful for users who want a more personalize experience from their Windows computer.

Icon Changer can be activated in a number of ways. The interface is similar to the default Windows Explorer interface. Icons can be saved in a separate file. They can also be copied into the clipboard. Invalid icon displays can be corrected and rearrange because of the “Shell Icon Cache.” All icon changes can also be cancelled using this software.