ICON 225 USB Connect

Orange_UK (Freeware)

ICON 225 USB Connect is an application that enables users to connect their Option ICON 225 USB Modem to their computers and get Internet access. The modem, designed by Orange_UK, comes in a USB flash drive package.

Users must insert their SIM card that contains credit into the USB modem in order to use the Internet connectivity. Users can then plug the modem into the USB port of their computer. ICON 225 USB Connect will then begin to run automatically, connecting the USB device to the PC. Once Internet connection is established, users can browse the Web, email, check social networking accounts, shop online, watch videos, create blog posts, read online journal articles, and do other online tasks.

The modem is designed to work at high speed and make use of the latest 3G and wireless network technology; its wireless connectivity can run up to 7.2 Mbps. With the ICON 225 USB Connect tool, users can store, copy, and transfer data, such as documents, images, videos, and audio files. They have the option to delete any files and copyright protect as well.

Additional features of ICON 225 USB Connect include:
• Bar indicator of connectivity signal (strength)
• Internet browser icon
• Security using PIN code to lock SIM card
• Enable online messaging and emailing