iColor Display

Quatographic Technology GmbH (Shareware)

iColor Display is a precise and straightforward hardware-based utility that presents users with a calibration solution. This application also offers users extended support. Beginners may use this program without experiencing difficulty due to its intuitive interface. This program stands out for its one-of-a-kind certification features, singular whitepoint editor, highly sophisticated spot color measurement, and the hardware gamma adjustment functions.

iColor Display may be implemented even by personnel who are not yet fully trained since every step of the way is explained to the user. Its design makes the calibration process quick and easy. Its versatility makes iColor Display compatible with different types of devices. The program’s default settings are designed to be in compliance with ISO standards.

The control of luminance gradation is comprehensive in this utility. It also provides controls for very fine adjustments as well as a wide range of test routines. The program is capable of averaging test results so that hardware calibration results are of high quality. For all the supported colorimeters, this program is capable of White-LED correction. It is an affordable solution that is ideal for private use.

iColor Display by Quatographic Technology GmbH is intended for Intelli Color, Intelli Proof plus other TFT Displays. This utility is also intended for UDAC tests and CRT monitors.