IcoFX Software (Shareware)

IcoFX is an application for creating professional looking icons and cursors. The application supports file formats, such as PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, and JPEG. With the program, users can convert icons to use for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Images in the drive can also be used to create icons. The program’s image processing tool consists of more than 20 tools for creating photos. These include tools for cropping, typing, measuring, and retouching. In addition, there are over 40 effects that can be applies to icons and cursors. Some of them are glow, shake, blur, sharpen, and invert.

Here are the other tools included in IcoFX:
• Selection – quick mask, smooth selection, elliptical, lasso, magic wand
• Painting – brush, pencil, opacity, gradient, fill, curves, and lines
• Navigation – zoom, ruler, color picker
• Retouching – eraser, sharpen, brighten, darken, and color eraser
• Shapes – ellipse, rectangle, fill of shapes, specify blend mode

The program’s main interface displays all the tools for creating and editing icons and cursors. The different panels are docked for easy access. It also supports editing for small icons as it has a zoom feature that can zoom up to 10000%. There are also several preferences available for customizing the interface.